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Atlas Immunization Services Inc was founded in 2007 by a local Edmonton Entrepreneur, to better accommodate the demand for immunization services in Edmonton’s area as well as to enhance the quality of care provided to the corporate and leisure international travelers.

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Learn about Atlas Immunizations, our history, and what drives us to be the best full service immunization clinic in Edmonton.

about usAtlas Immunization Services Inc was founded in 2007 by a local Edmonton Entrepreneur, to better accommodate the demand for immunization services in Edmonton’s area as well as to enhance the quality of care provided to the corporate and leisure international travellers.

In late 2007, Atlas Immunization Services added Flu Immunization to their company clients making them (Atlas) part of the whole community. The support of the public was and still is outstanding; clients return to the clinic, send post cards from their trips and enjoy the personalized and friendly service from all the staff. Not to mention clients absolutely love the complementary chocolates and treats.

Atlas held their first open house to all physicians in the area and it was a success! The curiosity and the support of the health care providers was remarkable. Physicians were able to walk around and get to know the clinic, viewing the display cases full of wonderful artifacts and treasures (donated by staff and clients) that come from different countries, they were able to ask questions and became familiar with the services, knowledge and professionalism that Atlas Immunization Services provides to clients. Physicians left with acceptance of the clinic and the confidence to refer their patients to Atlas.

Within the next two years, the evolution continued. Atlas Immunization Services added Corporate Services to their list of clients. International businesses increased bringing in major companies in different industries such as oil, diamond, coal and occupational health and safety as well as companies who were in desperate need of flexibility and accessibility to the qualified and professional staff in the travel health industry.

Due to the need of services in the west end and suggestions from clients, a second clinic opened its doors in the West Central area of the city, 14712 – Stoney Plain Rd to better accommodate those coming from Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Fort McMurray etc. Not only was Atlas opening their doors to the citizens of Edmonton but also to the towns surrounding the city, including Ardrossan, Leduc, Cold Lake, Calgary, Camrose, Slave Lake and others.

Atlas Immunization Services curbed their business to the need of their clients by adding the Food and Services Industry to their corporate list to help decrease the risks of potential yet nominal outbreaks of Hepatitis A in the city. Due to client demand Atlas also included Post-Secondary immunizations to their list of services by providing students with the necessary vaccines requested by different institutions in Canada and around the World.

Years have gone by, 2009 came and went and now we are into our first decade into the new millennium. The clinic’s vision is to not only prepare travelers for a safe and healthy journey but to also be part of the community. When the unfortunate earthquake hit Haiti in early January 2010, Atlas was raising money for God’s Littlest Angel’s orphanage to help give all the support to the devastation the earthquake had caused. They are always pleased to support the groups from the community such as those traveling to Mecca and to prepare them for their long journey to Hajj. Atlas immunization services love to work with the wonderful and talented international dance groups to keep them risk free while they do what the love best. Because the family at Atlas Immunization Services try to be a part of the community they are always looking for new ideas to lend a hand, whether it is to raise money for causes, prepare individuals and groups for their travels or whatever it may be they are always appreciative of suggestions.

All staff constantly attend health conferences, information sessions, seminars, etc. to bring to their clients the latest in travel health as well as to update their knowledge in the industry; what research and studies are being conducted, new vaccines in Canada and much more! The health of their clients is their out most priority.

Atlas Immunization Services started out as a thought which grew into an action and finally into a recognized business. Atlas Immunization Services is very much grateful to have friends such as clients, staff members, physicians, contributors and the general public to walk with them on the road to success. By 2014 over 45,000 visits have made Atlas Immunizations a Consumer’s Choice for Immunization Services.

“Obviously everyone wants to be successful, but I want to be looked back on as being very innovative, very trusted and ethical and ultimately making a big difference in the world.” – Sergey Brin

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