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Getting the Covid vaccine and need other immunizations? Minimum spacing as following:

*TB skin Test:

  • Travel Consultation: includes assessment and administration of recommended immunizations
  • An appointment must be booked for each individual traveller, if you are booking for 2 or more travellers, only the first one will be a Travel Consultation, all other travellers must be booked individually under “immunizations” Example: George, Maria, and Kamaljeet are travelling: Book a Travel Consultation Appointment for George AND Book an Immunization Appointment for Maria AND Book an Immunization Appointment for Kamaljeet
  • Immunizations: Refers boosters or specific immunizations ONLY (use the comment box to specify what vaccines you require)
  • TB Mantoux testing (this is a Two-part test that needs a TB Mantoux reading and includes assessment and administration of other immunizations if required. ALWAYS book both appointments
  • TB reading: Must be book with a minimum of 48 to a maximum of 72 hours from the TB test.
  • Use the comment box for any inquiries, information, or messages you will like us to know prior to your appointment.
Book the right appointment:

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