Volunteer to Travel Abroad

Volunteer to Travel Abroad

Opportunities to volunteer and travel abroad can be found readily online, in travel magazines, through schools or churches. They offer the chance to travel and work locally in a place you may have not otherwise visited.

Volunteer positions vary and can include health care, teaching, construction, orphanages, sports-based programs and spiritual or religious opportunities.

At a pre-travel consult you are assessed to ensure routine vaccines are up-to-date. Based on risk at your destination and volunteer position, other vaccines, malaria medication and tuberculosis testing may be recommended.

Food and water precautions, diarrhea treatment, insect bite risks, and safety are also discussed.

Volunteers like health care workers may have risks specific to their duties and may require special considerations.

Departing healthy and prepared will allow you to maximize your abilities during your experience.

Contact Atlas Immunization to help you stay safe and enjoy your travels. Book your vaccination appointment today!

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