What to expect during your visit to Atlas Immunization

Your first appointment

Has someone informed you that before your next trip you need to be immunized? It could be a family member, your travel agent, a government health worker, or maybe you saw something on tv. We are here to help and want to make the process as painless as possible.

Here is what you can expect when getting immunized at Atlas Immunization!

Book Your Appointment

You can book via: phone (780) 465-5150 or online using our Immunization Appointment Booking Form or by visiting us at one of our clinics.

Arrive at Clinic at Appointment Time

Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early is possible so that you have time to find parking and fill out any required paperwork. Please remember to bring a piece of photo ID and your Provincial Healthcare Number.

Fill Out Your Forms

These may include a Travel Health form or a Non Travel form if your trip is for school or work. Be sure to bring a list of any medictaions you are currently taking.

Consult with Travel Health Consultant

One of our nurses will go through your medical history and vaccine history, ask about any medications being taken, chronic illness etc.

Precautions For Your Trip

The Nurse will then pull up maps and other resources and go over food and water precautions, mosquito protection, repellents and diseases like Yellow Fever, Malaria, etc. Please confirm your trip itinerary, which should include where, when, reason for your trip, the duration and your plans during your trip.

More Precautions

The Nurse will then discuss with you about Travellers’ Diarrhea prevention or treatment, High altitude medications (depending on destination) and list prescriptions available.

Getting Vaccinated

The Nurse will administer the vaccines required and/or recommended for your trip.

Record Book

You will then be given a record book with all the vaccines you received from our clinic for your records as well as Certificates for vaccines given for entry to certain countries who request proof of vaccine Ex: Yellow Fever, Meningitis, Polio. If you have any questions this will be the time to ask.


Once your appointment is complete, we will offer to send you an email that includes all the detailed information specific to your trip so you have it on hand when your travelling.


The friendly front desk staff will then take payment and give you a receipt with DIN numbers so you can claim your vaccines with your Benefit plan or health spending accounts. We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, Interac (Debit) or cash.

Follow Up

If there are any follow up vaccines required (Boosters, 2nd Dose series) our administration will contact you at the appropriate times via telephone or email.

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Check the latest News on Novel-coronavirus

Check the latest News on Novel-coronavirus: