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Atlas Immunization has evolved to be the leader as an immunization provider following Alberta Health Guidelines for Post-Secondary requirements for different Health Care programs as well as for pre-employment and Tuberculosis testing (TB Testing).

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Our Services

We provide assessment and Immunization’s requirements for School, Work and Travel

Our company provides assessment and Immunization’s requirements for School, Work and Travel from 6 months and up including TB Mantoux Testing, school forms completion, requisitions for school-related blood testing and X-ray post TB testing following Alberta Health Guidelines


Immunizations for Employment (National and International)

The following are vaccines that may be required:

TB Mantoux/Skin test (one or Two Step) if working on a health care setting.
Hepatitis A and/or Hepatitis B for sanitation and water treatment employment.
Rabies for Park Rangers, Veterinarian offices, Zoo employees.
Yellow Fever for Airline and Cruise ship employment.
Employment outside of Canada: Hepatitis A, B, Typhoid, Meningitis, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, Polio, etc. for Relocation or long-term rotation work in other countries.
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Our Services

Immunizations for Travel

Some countries required certain vaccines prior to entry, some others are recommended to keep you healthy and enjoy your next adventure.

The planning of a well-deserved vacation, a relocation for work purposes or simply visiting friends and family is exciting!

Things to do prior departure such us:

Choosing a destination and things to do while on holiday.
Dates of travelling
Travel insurance
House and/or pet sitting
Luggage and clothing

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